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押运服务Armed escort process

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Provide cash, securities, valuables such as armed escort and keep custody of library services, with its high-tech equipment and intensive operation for the customer.

Target customers:

▶ Banks at home and abroad;

▶ various financial units;

▶ gold and silver jewelry manufacturer;

▶ wenbo unit;

▶ other need to provide personalized escort or safekeeping service units and individuals.

Service project:

▶, armed services;

▶ vaults of the deposit, custody services;

▶ entrusted financial institutions engaged in qing repackaging patch notes, commercial self-help equipment routine maintenance and management, and other financial institutions in the service outsourcing business;

▶ notes, data and information processing, management services;

▶ warehousing services;

▶ domestic labor dispatching.


▶ the bulletproof, fully enclosed, of monitoring equipment;

▶ through strict selection, strict training, equipped with sophisticated equipment and riot weapons supercargo;

▶ advanced communications command, GPS global satellite positioning system;

▶ coverage is broad escort network;

▶ adopts domestic and foreign advanced management concept and preservation technology design of safekeeping library, equipment all use Japan SUS (304) stainless steel (UL) lock and magnetic materials, and the United States

, the international security testing qualified, with constant temperature and humidity, television monitoring, infrared burglar alarm, vibration alarm, gas fire extinguishing equipment and control system;

▶ \"finishing\", safe and comfortable warehouse available for customer in closed safety place tidy your items;

▶ have keys, magnetic card, fingerprint identification of a variety of warehousing service means such as safekeeping leasing services;

▶ for customers with special needs special time reservation access and escort warehousing through-train service.



▶ 国内外银行;
▶ 各类金融单位;
▶ 金银珠宝厂商;
▶ 文博单位;
▶ 其他需要提供个性化押运或保管服务的单位和个人。
▶ 武装守护、押运服务;
▶ 金库的寄存、保管服务;
▶ 接受金融机构委托,从事清分装补钞、营业性自助设备的日常维护及管理等金融机构服务外包业务;
▶ 票据、数据及信息资料的处理、管理服务;
▶ 仓储服务;
▶ 国内劳务派遣。
▶ 全防弹、全封闭、监控设备完善的运钞车;
▶ 经过严格选拔,严格训练,配有精良防卫装备和防暴武器的押运员;
▶ 先进的通讯指挥、GPS全球卫星定位系统;
▶ 覆盖面宽广的押运网络;
▶ 采用国内外先进的管理理念和保管技术设计打造的保管箱库,设备全部使用日本SUS(304)不锈钢防磁材质及美国(UL)锁
▶ 安全舒适的库房“整理间”,可供客户在封闭安全的场所整理自己的物品;
▶ 具有钥匙、磁卡、指纹识别等多种保管服务手段的保管箱租赁服务;

▶ 对有特殊需求的客户提供特殊时间的预约存取及押运保管一条龙服务。

Generally refers to a value higher or rare items, including gold, silver, jewelry and jade article, antique calligraphy and painting, and other items. Valuables usually have higher value, is an important goal of illegal crime personnel steal theft, robbery, therefore, guarantee the valuables in the transfer of security is particularly important in the process of delivery. Escort escort the valuables should be paid attention to the following:

The outer packing is tight, strong of valuables. Available hard materials such as packaging, wooden cases or tin trunk and word iron banding and sealing, to prevent the items were lost or damaged.

Prior to make careful escort plan and scheme. To escort time, route and the use of the vehicle power configuration, and so on careful arrangement, at the same time, to develop feasible contingency plans and measures to ensure that no one lost. And as planned and scheduled plan specific implementation.

To do a good job of monitoring the car using the before of shipment, large cutting-edge confidential items to take cover, camouflage, secrecy and protection product appearance.

During the shutdown, for shipment to strengthening the protection of power guard, necessary safety inspections of goods and vehicles, to prevent loopholes, to cause crime personnel.

Transport process, there should be on duty personnel patrol, inspection, directly cause the escort objects within the line of sight of security guard all the time, to prevent space.

To escort goods arrived at the designated place, should be jointly with the receiving unit (client) to escort goods, drilling and sealing and exterior condition to check and sign the delivery or completion of tasks and procedures, replacement was shipped goods, may not be in before the handover formalities, stop guardianship found timely, prevent disasters and accidents











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